About Us

  • We are called to proclaim that "Jesus Is Lord" all the way around the
    world. The vision is being accomplished through, the teaching and
    preaching of God’s Word to the Body of Christ, one on one witnessing,
    handing out of tracks and Internet ministry and any other avenues that
    God makes avaliable.

  • The mission of Raising The Standards International Ministry is to win the
    lost to Christ and to teach God’s people who they are in Christ Jesus and
    how to live a victorious life through their covenant rights and privileges.
    The continuing fulfillment of that mission takes place when those
    believers become rooted and grounded enough in God's Word to reach
    out and teach others these same principles.

  • This ministry will go where God sends it to minister, and that could be
    churches and any other places God sends us to hold meetings.  This is
    primarily a teaching ministry, which is based on The Word of God, unless
    God so chooses to expand what it is call to do.